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Llega el invierno, celebremos “Halloween” … no “Samhain” … no “Todos los Santos” … ¡no, el “Día de los Muertos”!

El Samhain (que significa el “fin del verano”) es una antigua celebración celta de donde proviene la tradición de Halloween. La antigua religión celta de los druidas celebra el fin de la temporada de verano y el comienzo del invierno. La asociación de Halloween con la oscuridad está probablemente conectada a la atmósfera de los meses de invierno, los más oscuros del año.
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Circus Maximus, 21 April 2018 – 9.00 pm

Here is one of the most desired events by lovers of the music … and Roman culture! A free Concert at Circus Maximus on 21st April 2018 at 21:00 with Lavinia FIORANI, who plays the most beautiful roman stornelli .

Lavinia and her group, “La RomAntica” , make every event into an authentic shows-dynamite! Mind and heart are involved in all possible positive emotion… memories, happiness, tears and laughter will be mixed… Lavinia is an adorable artist.

La RomAntica together with the Gruppo Storico Romano, ideator of the celebrations on April 21st, will celebrate the Birth of Rome giving everyone a concert of two hours that will be impressed in the hearts of each participant. An exceptional event!

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Ara Caesar - Aurelia Residence
In the picture: Ara Caesar, Roman Forum – Aurelia Residence offers guided tours in the Historic Centre of Rome

The Ides of March are still remembered for the savage murder of Julius Caesar, which took place on 15th of March 44 BC

How things happened? That morning Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia, tried to dissuade him from going to the Senate because she had seen many troubling omens, but Decimus Brutus (one of the conspirators) went to his house and urged him to attend the meeting.
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