«Legio. Roman Army Exhibition» is coming!

Birth of Rome 2017 - Aurelia Residence Exhibition

«Legio. Roman Army Exhibition» is coming!

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Date: 21st to 23rd of April 2017

Time: 4 pm > 6.30 pm

Where: Aurelia Residence San Pietro, via Aurelia 145 Roma

Free admission. Please contact us to reserve your place!

“Legio. Roman Army Exhibition” is coming !!!

The birth of Rome 2017 is coming! Among the many initiatives planned in Rome to celebrate this event, it is also included our exclusive exhibition «Legio. Roman Army Exhibition»!

Through the help of experts and authors of books on this subject, the next weekend 21st to 23rd of April 2017 Aurelia Residence offers the private exhibition of some original items of the Roman Army belonging to the Republic, Imperial and Late Imperial period. The exhibition will be open in the afternoon from 4.00 pm to 6:00 pm.

The items will be explained to whom is interested on the day of the inauguration, Friday April 21st, from 4 pm. Please call us to reserve your place. If there are special requests on the other days, contact us directly.

Reenactors: the great opportunity to hold original items!

The pieces can be studied and handled personally through the help of experts. For reenactors, the experience is even more interesting because some of the items can be touched through specialized assistance!

Have you ever wondered how it feels to hold a sword, a helmet or a true pugio? Are you sure that the reconstructed weapons normally used, they actually are? Even if the copies are beautiful and look similar to the originals, generally the effect of those ones is surprisingly different.

By attending this event you will increase and improve the perception of historical reality and so the quality of your copies.

You will find on the Exhibition:

  • gladi
  • pugiones
  • helmets
  • plumbatae
  • a sarcina (!)
  • “barbaric” weapons, Celtic and Hispanic

How to attend to “Legio – Roman Army Exhibition”?

Various extraordinary items will be part of “Legio – Roman Army Exhibition” from 21st to 23nd of April 2017 at Aurelia Residence. Attending to the exhibition is easy: the admission is free for Guests of the Residence and for all interested, who can benefit of an exclusive offer to stay in Rome during this weekend full of celebrations. Look here for the Program about the birth of Rome 2017.

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