GLADIUS HISPANIENSIS | Legio – Roman Army Exhibition

Gladius - Mostra Natale di Roma 2017 - Birth of Rome 2017

GLADIUS HISPANIENSIS | Legio – Roman Army Exhibition

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Here it is “Gladius Hispaniensis”!

Legio. Roman Army Exhibition

Introducing the weapons that are going to be exhibited.

High quality swords, dating from the mid-first century BC, the Caesarian period, were found a century ago near the field of battle of Pharsalia, where took place the famous battle between Caesar and Pompey.

The style is typical order of the republic – first empire, short, usually called “hispaniensis”. Once you take in your hands, it is surprising to feel its lightness and easy handling but at the same time it is absolutely strong. We can see some golden shadings (with some difficulty) on the tip and in the middle of it, which are certainly been left by the sheath in orichalcum. It keeps half handle of bone, made in an unusual way, representing a Nike or at least a woman dressed in Roman style tunic. Very similar to a similar specimen, broken in two, kept in the Zagreb Archaeological Museum.

(See: I. Radman-Livaja, “Militaria Sisciensia” Museums Archaeologici Zagrabiensis Catalogs et Monographiae “2004).


Size: Length. tot. 580 mm. Length. blade 440 mm, Transp. Lama min 31 mm max 35 mm., 375 gr weight.

In the next days we will publish other extraordinary pieces on display for “Legion. Roman Army Exhibition” from 21st to 23rd of April 2017 at Aurelia Residence. Would you like to stay with us and enjoy the exhibition? Do not miss our special deal including a hard discount on the stay and the free entry to the exhibition! Look Now the offer.

What’s up on “Legio. Roman Army Exhibition”?

Among the ancient Roman weapons, you will find “pugiones”, helmets, “plumbatae” and even a complete sarcina!

Experience the feeling of handling a real weapon, which were used by the Roman Army in the glorious past! If you are passionate of reenactment, do not miss this opportunity! More info here.

The Birth of Rome is coming soon with its celebrations and performances of reenactment. Be conquered by the legendary charm! Discover all the events in town HERE


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