PANOPLY | Legio – Roman Army Exhibition

Mostra Aurelia Residence

PANOPLY | Legio – Roman Army Exhibition

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Here we are! We will also have an entire Panoply from Constantinian age (IV century).

New update on “LEGIO – Roman Army Exhibition”: among the items which will be shown, it will be also a full armor of a Roman legionary!

We are pleased to announce that our attempts to get a Panoply of Constantine age (fourth century) have been successful! For our Guests will be available this panoply in life size, which includes:

– Helmet type Burgh Castle

– Full handle grip and scabbard chape

– Military textile fragments

– Belt propeller stiffners, typical of this period

– Balteus

– Brooch with swastika

– Military brooch with interesting anagram “FIRST” (LEGIO)

– Umbone bronze shield

– Two plumbatae

– Spears with a lanceolate profile, typical of the fourth and fifth centuries.

The exhibition is one of a kind, an assembly of great interest for an exceptional glance at the late Roman Empire legionary.

How to attend the “Legio – Roman Army Exhibition”?

Various extraordinary items will be part of “Legio – Roman Army Exhibition” from 21st to 23nd of April 2017 at Aurelia Residence. Attending to the exhibition is easy: the admission is free for Guests of the Residence, who can benefit of an exclusive offer to stay in Rome during this weekend full of celebrations. Look here for the Program about the birth of Rome 2017.

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