How was your stay?


How was your stay?

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We would like to express our most sincere thanks for the many appreciations received so far!

The cordial relationship established with all our Guests often translates into a review on various social media, from Facebook to TripAdvisor

Here at Aurelia Residence we usually collect many beautiful memories with all of you who have chosen us for your Roman stay!

We have received many appreciations so far and we do not know how to thank you enough: every word, review, joyful toast in our Apericenas has been a source of happiness and encouragement for us. How great to work with renewed enthusiasm and energy!

  • Thank you for every smile for every praise and advice!
  • Thank you for participating to our events!
  • Thank you for appreciating our dishes and our wines, our apartments, our services!

We keep waiting for you all to make your stay unique and memorable, full of green, space, comfort and that “X Factor” that many of our Guests recognize: our desire to welcome you. See you soon!

“The service is genuine and friendly. Communication is easy as everyone speaks english.”

“We can’t recommend them enough.”

“We loved the included breakfasts and the Friday night rooftop terrace parties.”

“On Friday the Residence hosts a buffet dinner for all guests. It was a great time to meet others and to just relax.”

“Lovely and convenient apartment perfect for a family”

… keep writing your thoughts, sharing your experience, extending your support… Thank you so much !!