Dear former guests and friends


Dear former guests and friends,

We are receiving many messages by e-mail, WhatsApp and Messenger asking us how things are going and, above all, how the staff of the Aurelia Residence is doing. We would like to thank you for all this concern and for the emotional closeness that all of you are showing us.

We are happy to see that the commitment to our work and the dedication to our guests and friends have actually been noticed and appreciated, and now you are repaying us with many demonstrations of affection. This is a time when we really need that.

The friendly relationships with each of you, established over the years, are the demonstration that our Residence is not so much just a place to sleep, but rather a comfortable home where you can feel like family. This is why we want to reassure you that all of us, and our loved ones as well, are in perfect health. These days of quarantine and lockdown are indeed a tough test, but this sacrifice is necessary to be able to face and overcome this international crisis.

The city of Rome is managing the emergency wisely, and thanks to all the containment measures taken we will soon come out of isolation. Italy is a great country and we Italians are proud of our extraordinary strength of will: we patiently await the end of this period of extreme difficulty involving the entire world, with everyone trying to do everything possible to give their own contribution.

We would like to say thank you to each one of you for your kindness and your prayers, which we join in sending our thoughts to all the nations facing this Covid-19 pandemic. As you know, we are in the Vatican area and we feel particularly involved in all the prayers that the Holy Father every day expresses for the end of the infections and for the aid to those who are in need and in the hardest difficulties.

Hopefully by June we should go back to normal life. We will keep you informed and we look forward to having you again as our very welcome guests, when we will finally be able to hug you again.

We leave you with the wish that we Italians have learned to exchange in these surreal days: #andratuttobene!

Best wishes,
Staff of Aurelia Residence