DEA ROMA Competition | Birth of Rome 2018


DEA ROMA Competition | Birth of Rome 2018

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Looking for the new DEA ROMA! Birth of Rome 2018

The DEA ROMA Competition is coming this year as well exciting and memorable!

The selections for the Rome Goddess 2018 are already open. All the girls (18 to 30) from the territories of the ancient provinces and protectorates of the Roman Empire can attende . Appointment in Piazza del Campidoglio, April 20 from 4 to 5 pm, during a solemn ceremony. It will be a competition to identify the incarnation of Romanity: the ancient Romans loved their city so much to venerate it as a goddess.

The winner will have the honor of opening the historical parade on Sunday 22nd April for the 2018 Rome Birth celebrations organized by the Gruppo Storico Romano, at the 18th edition.

Do you want a full immersion into the Birth of Rome 2018 and stay with us ?! Exclusively for our Guests there will be a themed APERICENA with historical exposition. Look the Offer!

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