Birth of Rome – Special Exhibition


Birth of Rome – Special Exhibition

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Birth of Rome 2017 - Exclusive Exhibition

Date: 21st > 23rd of April 2017

For the Birth of Rome 2017, Aurelia Residence is pleased to launch an initiative which certainly will interest all fans of ancient Rome, with special regard to his Army!

Through contacts with the authorities in charge and the aid of experts and authors of books on the subject, the weekend 21 to 23 April 2017 Aurelia Residence joins the numerous activities taking place in Rome with an exhibition of its own. The private exhibition is dedicated to the presentation of some original Roman army artifacts belonging to the Republican, imperial high and late imperial periods, and will be open in the afternoon hours exclusively for guests of the Residence Aurelia.

The peculiarity is that the items can be explained individually, ad Guests will be able to study them and handle them personally through the help of experts.

For anyone involved in the reenacment , this event is even more interesting because for some of them it is possible, upon expert assistance, even to touch them with hands!

Reenactors: a great opportunity

Have you ever wondered how it feels to hold a sword, a helmet or a true pugio? Are you sure that the reconstructed weapons normally used, they actually are? Even if the copies are beautiful and look similar to the originals, generally the effect of those ones is surprisingly different.

By attending this event you will increase and improve the perception of historical reality and so the quality of your copies.

You will find on the Exhibition:

  • gladi
  • pugiones
  • helmets
  • plumbatae
  • a sarcina (!)
  • “barbaric” weapons, Celtic and Hispanic
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