Birth of Rome 2018 – Full Program

Natale di Roma 21 aprile 2018

Birth of Rome 2018 – Full Program

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Birth of Rome 2018 | MMDCCLXXI A.V.C. | XVIII EDITION

Program for the Birth of Rome 2018 from 4 to 22 April

Find below the program to celebrate the Birth of Rome 2018 which includes events in various parts of the City:

Thursday 4th April

11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Press conference and presentation of the program

Municipality of Rome – Sala del Carroccio


Wednesday 18 April

2.30 pm > 7.00 pm

Apollodoro, “builder” at the service of Trajan and Hadrian: meeting with the order of the engineers of Rome and the University of Rome “Sapienza”. Delivery to Apollodoro di Damascus of the Honorary Degree in Civil Engineering

“Mercati di Traiano” – Museum Area


Thursday, April 19th

2.30 pm > 7.00 pm

Conference “Adriano and the Inclinatio Imperii”

Circus Maximus – Gazebo set up


Friday 20 April

09.00 am to 6.00 pm

Photographic Exhibition (Every day until Sunday, April 22nd)

Images of the past editions of the “Birth of Rome” by the “Fotografiamo” Association

Circus Maximus – Exhibition Area


11:00 am > 12.00am

Religious Rite “PRO SALVTE ET FELICITATE REI PVBLICAE” celebrated by Adriano as Pontifex Maximus

Villa Borghese – “Temple of Esculapio”


09.00am > 4.00pm

DIDACTIC MEETINGS dedicated especially to children (both on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st April)


The Roman School in ancient Rome
The medicine
The Power
The religion
The Roman Woman: Clothing and Make-up
Legionaries and Praetorians
Gladiators: Weapons and Combat Techniques
Roman Man: Clothing And Style
Games for the Children onsite: Essay of gladiator behaviour

Circus Maximus


12:00 am > 2:20 pm

Meetings with different writers: Giulio Castelli, Flavio Russo (Techne magazine), Andrea Biscaro

Circus Maximus – Convention Area


2.30 pm > 3.30 pm

Games from ancient Rome for children

Circus Maximus – Exhibition Area (in front of CASTRVM)


3.30 pm> 4.30 pm

Final of the XVI Edition of the “Dea Roma” Competition

Piazza del Campidoglio


5.00 pm> 7.30 pm


Piazza del Campidoglio (until 18.10) and Circo Massimo (from 6.30 pm)


7:00 pm> 9:00 pm

Exclusive APERICENA with exhibition of ancient Roman Weapons (reserved to Guests of the Aurelia Residence)

Aurelia Residence San Pietro – Panoramic Roof Garden


Saturday, April 21st

From 9.00 am

Both photographic exhibition and the didactic meetings (dedicated in particular to the children) continue


11:00 am – 12.00am

ADVENTVS of the Emperor Hadrian: solemnization of the Emperor’s arrival in Rome. He who was in Antioch when Trajan died. He could come back to Rome only in the following year (118)

“Pantheon” – Colonnade


10.30 am> 1.10 pm

Meetings with writers: Massimiliano Colombo, Andrea Frediani, Stefano Crivelli

Circus Maximus – Convention Area


15:00> 17:40

Re-enactments, ceremonies and equestrian shows

Circus Maximus


6.00 pm> 8.30 pm

Live Music – Jazz Music and Concert of Roman Songs

Circus Maximus


Sunday, April 22nd

10:00 am

Opening ceremony with the start of the historical parade scheduled at 11:15

From the Circus Maximus to Via dei Fori Imperiali


12:15 pm> 2:00 pm

Deposition of the laurel wreath to the statue of Augustus on Via dei Fori Imperiali and blessing of the participating groups by the Pope Massimo and return of the procession to the Circus Maximus

From Via dei Fori Imperiali to Circo Massimo


3.00 pm> 6.30 pm

Exhibitions of the Historical Reconstruction Groups

Circus Maximus – Exhibition Area


We are waiting for you to celebrate together the Birth of Rome 2018 with music, parades, performances and much more. Stay with us to experience the atmosphere of Ancient Rome tasting our exclusive Apericena (free entry) with an exhibition of Ancient Roman Weapons!

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